Fixing ArchLinux booting on Xen - 23/07/12

I recently updated the kernel my VPS was running and it resulted in an unbootable system.

From the recovery console

modprobe xen-blkfront

You should then be able to see /dev/xvda1. You can mount this to read the data off your partition

mkdir tmp-root
mount /dev/xvda1 /tmp-root

In my case I needed to edit the /etc/rc.conf file and add the following to the MODULES section

xen-platform-pci xen_netfront xen-blkfront xen-pcifront xenfs

Save the file and reboot and exit out of the recovery console and it’ll hopefully continue to boot.

After this things seem to be working ok, but I’m unable to reboot the server without having to login to the console and modprobe xen-blkfront again. Simply doing that 1 thing and ten exiting the recovery console allows the system to boot again. I’m assuming that there’s a kernel module that I need to compile in somewhere but am unsure where exactly.

amrecover - Connection refused - 28/02/12

I’ve been testing out amanda recently and got stuck when trying to test the ‘amrecover’ program. I was constantly getting a ‘connection refused’ error and the following output in the debug log

1330398284.772118: amrecover: connect_portrange: Connect from failed: Connection refused
1330398284.772130: amrecover: connect_portrange: connect to failed: Connection refused
1330398284.772145: amrecover: stream_client: Could not bind to port in range 512-1023.

The solution to this was to edit the server and change the /etc/xinetd.conf/am* files with the following settings

socket_type = stream
wait = no
protocol = tcp

Restart xinetd and you should be able to get further along. Now to find out why I’m getting an EOF error sigh

Changing the port of SNMPD - 20/02/12

Took me a while to figure this out but it’s simple to do. In snmpd.conf add the following


This will make snmpd listen on all interfaces on port 8080. 8080 can be changed to whatever port you feel like (so long as something else isn’t using it).

TuxRadar inline audio - 17/02/12

Similar to the Linux Outlaws inline audio bookmarklet I’ve created one for TuxRadar as well

TuxRadar inline audio Drag that link to your bookmarks bar and click when you’re on a Podcast page on TuxRadar

Full source is available on GitHub –

Linux Outlaws inline audio - 26/10/11

Possibly the best Linux podcast, Linux Outlaws , have show notes for each episode they release and on those pages they have downloads for the mp3 and ogg files. However, I like listening to them in the browser so I cobbled together a little bit of JavaScript to add an HTML5 audio tag before the download links.

Drag me to your bookmarks bar an on a show notes page, click it. You should see an audio player with controls appear just before the download links.