August 13, 2007

Working Site

Well, the site seems to be working now, although there does seem to be a problem accessing the site at times. Not sure why this is, but if it happens for much longer I think I’ll submit a ticket and see if there’s something up on the server.

The gallery is up and running now, and seems to be fine, and I’ve created a section for PearPC if anyone is looking to still download those files.

Talking of the gallery, I’ve just released version 0.03 on Nearly got IE6 and 7 working completely, just a few rendering bugs left and then I can start work on the more advanced, database theme :-)

As well as my CV I’m going to be putting up a portfolio soon of the work I’ve done and websites I’ve built. I’m also thinking of a re-design since black, gray and white can get a bit boring.

Any ideas for the gallery or free offers of a design you know my address ;-D

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