October 11, 2011

Rooting the S2

I recently got myself the new-ish Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. My first android phone and I'm really happy with it. With the release of CyangonMod 7.1 the other day though I wanted to have a go at rooting the phone and installing custom ROMs.

While reading up on things though I started confusing myself. The wiki for CM mentions things like ClockworkMod Recovery, ROM Manager and rooting. A backup tool they mention, Titanium Backup, needs root to work.

This is just a note of what I've gone through to get part of the way through.

The first thing that you need to do is get a custom, 'insecure', kernel installed. This comes in the form of codeworkx ClockworkMod Recovery.

I flashed this first using Odin. It took about 30 seconds at most.

After that had completed the phone reboots with a yellow triangle. Next up is getting root access. This is needed if you just want to flash CM7.1. However, I wanted to check out Titanium Backup and ROM Manager that both need root access.

The usual way of doing this is via SuperOneClick but that kept crashing at step 6, so I used S2 Root instead and that worked first time.

That was it. The phone is now rooted. I've not yet checked ROM Manager or CM7.1, that’s to come after Titanium Backup.

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