February 27, 2012

amrecover - Connection refused

I've been testing out amanda recently and got stuck when trying to test the amrecover program. I was constantly getting a 'connection refused' error and the following output in the debug log

1330398284.772118: amrecover: connect_portrange: Connect from failed: Connection refused  
1330398284.772130: amrecover: connect_portrange: connect to failed: Connection refused  
1330398284.772145: amrecover: stream_client: Could not bind to port in range 512-1023.  

The solution to this was to edit the server and change the /etc/xinetd.conf/am* files with the following settings

socket_type = stream  
wait = no  
protocol = tcp  

Restart xinetd and you should be able to get further along. Now to find out why I'm getting an EOF error sigh

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