April 20, 2015

Updating Android when rooted

  1. Download current version factory image - https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images

  2. Download OTA for the new version - e.g. http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/04/13/flash-all-the-things-android-5-1-ota-roundup-for-nexus-devices/

  3. Download TWRP - http://twrp.me/Devices/

  4. Uninstall SuperSU

  5. Reboot into bootloader - adb reboot bootloader

  6. Extract current factory image - tar xf <filename>.tgz - and then unzip the images - unzip image-*.zip

  7. Flash original image parts and reboot - fastboot flash recovery recovery.img && fastboot flash bootloader bootloader*.img && fastboot reboot-bootloader

  8. Select Recovery Mode from the bootloader

  9. Press power + volume up to get the recovery menu

  10. Select apply update from ADB

  11. Install the OTA update - adb sideload <really-long-file-name>.zip

  12. Reboot, check everything is okay and it's on the new very and then reboot again - adb reboot bootloader

  13. Flash TWRP recovery - fastboot flash recovery twrp*.img

  14. Reboot back to the bootloader - fastboot reboot-bootloader

  15. Select Recovery Mode and check TWRP is there

  16. Reboot from within TWRP and it should ask if you want to install root. Say yes

If you get any errors about file content mismatches then at the bootloader menu you may need to run fastboot flash system system.img

Shorter list of commands in order

adb reboot bootloader  
tar xf <factory-image>.tgz  
cd <folder>  
unzip image-*.zip  
fastboot flash bootloader bootloader*.img  
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img  
fastboot reboot-bootloader  

Select recovery mode, power + volume up

adb sideload <file>.zip  

Check all is okay after rebooting

adb reboot bootloader  
fastboot flash recovery twrp*.img  
fastboot reboot-bootloader  

Boot into recovery again and check TWRP is there. Reboot from within TWRP and install root when prompted.

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