PearPC Config GUI

A fully featured configure program for PearPC. Supports all version so far released as well as support for the up comming version 0.3.0. Released as a JAR, a windows EXE and the source code. It now combines the HD creator and HD resizer/fixer. The new builds include an Aqua skin. All versions require Java 1.4.x.

To use the aqua skin you’ll need to download the Aqua theme and SkinLF.jar. These files should be placed in the same folder as the EXE file or the JAR file (which should be in your PearPC folder). These files only need to be downloaded once and they will not appear in the other zips.

NB. The HD image creator and the image resizer are both included in the config program and so you only really need to download this

PearPC HD Creator

Simply creates an empty image for use with PearPC (requires Java 1.4.x).

PearPC HD Resizer

Expands the size of an existing hard drive image. Can also fix images if they’re not the correct length (requires Java 1.4.x).